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MX Sound and Lighting is a company that offers a service that is aimed specifically for smaller concerts, live events, weddings, parties or anything that requires a professional PA and lighting service at a reasonable price. 


We understand budget limitations and as such, are able to offer a number of sound and lighting services to suit most production budget constraints. Although our prices are affordable, we still have a wide range of quality professional equipment with highly trained staff to operate it.


As well as offering sound and lighting, we are able to provide other services including location recording, audio production and PAT testing. 


MX Sound and Lighting also ensures that all our equipment is PAT Tested and has public liability insurance for 5 million pounds. 

If you are playing in a band,  involved in a small or large theatrical production or just organising an event that requires some PA/lighting and have limited budget or funding, then please contact us for a quote.

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Cliff Dowding (B.A. Honours)


Cliff is an accomplished sound and lighting engineer who has worked for many theatres, venues, bands and performers. He holds a National Diploma in Music Technology and a BA Honors degree in music production. He has experience with a vast range of sound and lighting equipment including analogue and digital consoles, outboard effect modules, microphones, moving heads, lasers, generic and LED lighting fixtures,. Cliff is also a musician and performer, As such, he is able to understand a client’s requirements and is able to advise from a performer’s perspective.


His theatrical experience includes lighting for a large number of clients including Music, Drama (amateur and professional) Dance, Magic, One-performer shows, Children’s theatre and full-blown stage spectaculars. He has also worked with international acts including a prolific Eighties Hip Hop band and Russian ballet company. 

As a sound engineer, he has worked with many musical acts with genres ranging from Punk, Folk/Acoustic, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic to name a few. He has worked with many musical performers ranging from established musical celebrities to tribute bands. His experience covers many events ranging to small intimate pubs, street parties, caleighs, and large outdoor festivals. He has worked in many venues and has gathered further experience by using their in house PA and lighting systems. 

In the studio, he has experience with many recording programs such as Logic, Pro-Tools, Cubase and Ableton Live. He has gained experience with many of the synthesiser and effects plug-ins that are associated with them. He also has experience with a wide range of hardware recording equipment. This includes various tape systems and hardware effect modules and instruments. He has recorded and produced several albums for clients from a variety of genres. 

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