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We have a large selection of sound and lighting suitable for almost every need.

Sound: We can supply PA rigs ranging from 300w to 3600w. We have Speakers from Yamaha, Mackie, RCF, W Audio and DAP. These are controlled by our Allen and Heath and Mackie digital mixing consoles. We have a variety of microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audix, Rode and Beyerdynamic. We also carry a large selection of DI boxes including BSS, ART and Radial. We are able to make a two track or multi-track recording of your event which can be mixed by our staff using Logic or Cubase, or we can transfer it onto a memory stick so that you are able to mix it to your personal taste. 

 Lighting: We have a large selection of LED and Generic lighting for theatrical purposes, plus a wide variety of moving heads, Lasers, scanners and many types of DJ lighting effects for DJs and bands. Brands include ADJ, Acme, Equinox, KAM, PR Lighting, Martin to name a few. These are controlled by our selection of Zero88 lighting controllers. 


We are able to arrange our equipment in many varied combinations to create the perfect package to suit your show or event. The stock images below are just a small example of the equipment that we have

For further information, then please get in touch using the ‘contact us’ page. 

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