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September. and October 2023 News

The last two months have been rather varied for MX Sound and Lighting as we have been involved with several musical and drama productions. 


We started September in Uckfield Civic Centre where we provided sound for Blues musicians Bob Brooke and Miller Anderson. Anderson is one of the few remaining musicians who played at the famous Woodstock festival in 1969. The show was organised by GP Music Events based in Uckfield, who asked us back to provide sound for the another of their shows in October, The Luke Jackson Trio. For both shows, we provided our 2.1k W-Audio system with monitors and our Allen & Heath QU24 desk. 


MX Sound and Lighting provided PA and lighting for the annual Bluebell Railway Beer Festival in their engine shed at Sheffield Park Station. A total of nine acts performed at the event over three days and we had to keep to strict timings and curfews to make sure we got every band got to play their allotted times. As we did last year, we provided our 2.1k W-Audio system with monitors and our Allen and Heath QU24 desk. We also provided them with Eight LED par cans controlled by one of our Zero88 Jester desks. 


Staying with Music, we provided lighting for a couple of our friend Julian Lewry’s events at Haslemere Hall after his summer break. We started with Oye Santana; a Santana tribute band followed by the Eighties pop combo China Crisis. For both shows, we supplied nine of our LED par cans for up lighting the back curtain, some ADJ uplighters for the pillars on the side of the stage with four 1m LED bars. on the front of the stage to add some decorative lighting towards the audience. 


Our ethos for providing PA and lighting for small shows was demonstrated when we were approached by Brighton based Punk band the Fish Brothers, who asked us to help at a gig in a small pub in Lewes. We provided them with our RCF Evox system with a couple of our 150w monitors controlled by our Mackie DL1608 mixing desk. We also provided some LED par cans to add some colour to the show. 


Moving away from music, we supplied PA and lighting for the annual Brighton Girls School comedy night in October with a total of five comedians gracing the stage. Whilst the venue is waiting for its new PA and lighting system, We were asked to provide both sound and lighting for this event. We supplied our RCF Evox system with Mackie DL1608m mixing desk along with our Sennheiser radio mics. For lighting, we supplied some of our LED par cans controlled by our Jester lighting desk. 


Most of October has been taken up with our new friends Rabbit In Headlights as they began touring their production of the classic story Animal Farm. The tour opened in Eastbourne Grove Theatre for three nights and then continued to venues in Lewes, Brighton, Rottingdean plus a school in Seaford. The shows sold out in several of the venues and the company are exploring taking the show to further schools. For the tour, we supplied our ADJ uplighters, LED Par cans and some generic Fresnels controlled by our. Zero88 Jester desk. Sound wise, we provided our RCF Evox system with monitor and our Mackie DL1608 digital mixing desk. The show has received many good reviews and a lot of positive feedback from the audience. 


July and August 2023 News

July and August have been another very busy for MX Sound and Lighting, where we have been involved with several music and drama events, with some being held in different venues that we have not worked at before.


We started July by providing sound and lighting for a private 70th birthday party in Chobham Golf Club. To celebrate this milestone, the client formed a band with his family. For the occasion, we supplied our 2k W Audio rig with monitors and our Mackie DL32r digital desk. For lighting, we provided some of our LED par cans running on automation mode, plus a few oil and DJ effects to add atmosphere to the rest of the hall.


The following week, we supplied a much larger PA and lighting rig for a Queen Tribute band ‘Flash’ performing at Piltdown Golf Club. The show was held outdoors with the stage being the golf drive range. For this event, we used our Allen and Heath QU24 digital mixing console 6x W Audio. Speaker tops and 2x W Audio subs plus 5x monitor speakers. For lighting, we used our LED par cans for the main band coverage, As most of the show was held in the daylight, much of the lighting was not seen to its full potential, so to combat this, we supplied our LED bars and LED wash moving heads to provide some movement. This was controlled by our Jester ML48 lighting desk. We did receive a lot of positive feedback for the lighting and for the sound


We continued the month at the Hillcrest Centre in our home town of Newhaven where we provided sound and lighting for our friend, Nick Pynn, plus folk combo the Kites. Again, our 2k W Audio rig and our DL32r was used, along with two smaller speakers added for a side fill.  For lighting, we used four of our LED par cans to add atmosphere to the main stage and four more to up light the curtains at the back of the stage. This was run by our 24-channel jester desk. 


We started August by providing lighting for Seriously Collins, a Phil Collins tribute band. This show was held at the Brighton Open Air Theatre or BOAT for short. As this was an outdoor show, we used our brand new IP65 rated waterproof LED par cans, which were controlled by our 48 channel Jester desk and they worked really well when a couple of heavy downpours occurred. Fortunately the weather held off during the show.


Drama wise, we got involved with another local amateur dramatics group. This time it was Meeching Amateur Dramatics or MAD for short. The event was held inside a Nissan Hut in Newhaven Fort. The show, Telstar, The Joe Meek Story. ran for four days and told the story of Sixties innovator, composer and producer Joe Meek.  Once again, our W Audio rig was used for the PA along with our small Mackie desk and laptop for sound effects and music cues. We provided a wider selection of lights for this show with one of our smaller ADJ par cans inside a radio prop to give the impression of it was being switched on for the audio breaks. We also used one of our LEDJ par cans on a chase to give the impression of a burning bin. The production also used our LED par cans for colour, some generic Fresnel’s and profiles with dimmers for the main stage. All controlled by our 48 channel Jester desk. The play received really positive reviews from the audience. 


May and June  2023 News

May and June have been very busy months for MX Sound and Lighting.

In May, we started the month by supplying lighting for our friends the Floyd tribute Simply Us and Them. This was at the Ropetackle in Shoreham, where we used our 12 of our colour lasers and 12 moving heads. We did not use the LED ring this time as the band had images projected onto the screen behind. The sold-out show was well received by the public.


We provided lighting for another Julian Lewry show in Haslemere Hall. This time it was a Tom Petty tribute show. We supplied several uplighters for the bands backdrop to create a colourful array of light to the music along with up lighting the pillers on the side of the stage that created a nice framework for the performers. We also provided PA and lighting for wedding caileigh for our friends Kates Kitchen Band.

In June we supplied sound for a council run venture in Newhaven called the Sussex Day Celebration at the Bandstand. It was a free community event and featured several acts including music, magic, dance along with the usual food and craft stalls. For this venture, we supplied our W Audio PA rig with six monitors, plus all mics, DI boxes. The event was a great success and was enjoyed by all who attended.


Our main focus the last two months has been providing technical equipment and personnel for three drama companies! With two of the productions playing in different venues.


The first was with our friends Ignite Theatre, with their latest production Ella Hickson’s award winning play ‘Eight’. The drama, told in a monologue fashion, explores a collective of 8 individuals from different backgrounds trapped by a world of excess, political unrest, internal and external strife. The show premiered at the Actors Theatre in Brighton as part of the Brighton Fringe events. The mini tour ended in Ignite’s home in Meeching Hall in Newhaven to great reviews from critics and audience alike. For this production, we used our LED par cans, some Fresnel’s and uplighters controlled by our Jester lighting console. We also used our RCF EVOX system and small Mackie mixing desk for the PA.


The next project was with the Peacehaven Players amateur dramatics group, who are celebrating their 25thanniversary of the group’s formation. This production, ‘The Magic Of The Musicals’, was a showcase of songs from well-known musicals from varying periods of stage and screen. The group performed and choreographed a total of 39 songs from many classic shows. We supplied the group with our W Audio PA system, Allen and Heath QU24 mixing desk, our Sennheiser radio mics and a selection of shotgun mics along the front of the stage. Lighting wise, we supplied some of our LED par cans to create a colour wash as well as to add colour to the drape set. This was controlled by our Jester ML48 lighting desk. As the stage had very little scenery, we also provided some uplighters to add some colour to the back.


The third project was the completion of shows with our new friends Tríada Theatre Company. The company’s latest production of Dario Fo’s farcical comedy ‘Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’ continued in various venues around Sussex and concluded in Eastbourne. This play also had a lot of positive reviews from critics and audiences. We provided a technician and supplemented each of the venue’s lighting by supplying some of our own LED par cans as well as our Jester desk.


April 2023 News

MX Sound and Lighting has been busy the last month as we have been working with our friend Julian Lewry lighting his latest promotion Dutch Prog rockers Focus at Haslemere Hall. We supplied lighting bars and our small LED screens along with our LED Par cans for uplighting curtain at the back of the stage.  


We have been working with Kates Kitchen Band for a caileigh to celebrate the birth of William Shakespeare. We supplied them with our W Audio 2k rig, our 150w speakers for monitoring and our Mackie DL32 digital desk. 

Along with our regular clients MX Sound and Lighting have also supplied PA equipment for an event in Crowborough. The show Blue Rose Code was a music event put on by Uckfield based GP Events. We supplied our mid sized 2k W Audio system with 350w monitors and our Mackie DL32 desk. We received a lot of positive feedback for our work that evening with one of the audience members informing us that the sound was "crystal clear". 

We have teamed up with another drama company. Tríada is a Greco-British theatre company tackling big social issues in small, intimate, diverse spaces. For this months performances, we supplied and ran our jester desk and a technician for their current production, Can't Pay Won't Pay. This show was in London and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience who attended. They have a few more runs of this show in Brighton and Eastbourne over the next couple of months and we will be supplying and running the tech for those shows.


February & March 2023 News

MX Sound and Lighting have been a little quiet the last couple of months whilst we are preparing for our upcoming summer events. We have done a few shows for our friend Julian Lewry which included a Genesis tribute band, seventies legends Sad Cafe and a Steely Dan tribute Simply Dan, who also asked us to provide lighting for them at another venue in Shoreham.


January 2023 News

January, normally a quiet time for this industry, has been a very busy month for MX Sound and Lighting. We started the year with another Pink Floyd tribute show at the Cavern Roundhouse in London where we supplied lighting for the PF tribute band Simply Us And Them. We supplied our new compact LED moving heads and lasers along with the usual LED par cans and ADJ LED circle. In total, we used eight moving heads and no fewer than twelve lasers to create a spectacular show.  

We followed on with a caileigh with Kates Kitchen Band at Lancing College. The event was held to celebrate their annual Burns Night. Held in the breathtaking dining hall, we supplied the band with our mid-sized W Audio PA system, Mackie DL32 mixing desk, mics and DI boxes. 

We finished the month with two shows from Julian Lewry. The first was Clearwater Creedence Revival, a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band. The second was legendary blues band Nine Below Zero. On both occasions, we supplied extra LED par cans to enhance the venue’s rig. 


MX Sound and Lighting have teamed up with a new drama and arts company. The company, Rabbit in Headlights has been formed by Jon and Sue Terry to bring professional performers to Stage, Business and Education. Their first production will tour in venues around Sussex in October. We are pleased to be part of this company and are looking forward to offering our expertise to this venture. To find out more, please follow the link on our Contact/links page.

November and December News

November and December News

On 17th December, MX Sound and Lighting proudly supplied and ran a lighting rig for a worthy charity event at St John's Church in Piddinghoe. The event was organised to raise money for Seahaven Foodbanks and Community Supermarkets. Everyone, including MX, gave their time and resources for free. Despite the church having no heating and being very cold, those who attended were treated to some wonderful music from Seven Stars Folk Band, Ellie Blackshaw, Colin Chapman, Rachael Fryer, Adam Bushell and folk legends The Copper Family. Ignite Fringe collaborated with the Piddinghoe Players and performed a scene from their 'Grandma's Grimm show'. We provided six LED par cans, one of our Jester lighting consoles, plus a technician to run the event. The event raised over £1000 for the charity.

In December, we provided sound and lighting for our new friends at Ignite Theatre for their latest production 'Grandma's Grimm' which was held at Meeching Hall in Newhaven. The show featured a selection of Grimm's fairy tales, some familiar and others not.. Along with the usual actors, they also had shadow puppets and invited other community groups to participate.  This made a nice varied show for everyone. With over 150 lighting cues and almost 90 sound cues, it is a very challenging, but enjoyable show to be involved with. For this production, we provided 12x LED par cans, 4x Acclaim Fresnels, 4x Altman profiles cans, a pin spot and an LED Derby all controlled by our Jester lighting desk. Soundwise, we supplied six speakers around the hall to create an immersive feel for all the sound effects that were mixed in our studio and run through our Mackie DL1608 mixing desk. We also provided microphones and DI boxes for the musicians. Outside the auditorium, we supplied a second PA and CD player to play a selection of ambient music for the entrance hall and the cafe as well as some LED fixtures to create a dreamy atmosphere for the relaxation room upstairs. The show ran for seven shows over two weeks and sold out on four of them.


From music to drama, in November, we provided lighting for the final performances of Swanwing Productions four star Edinburgh show 'Battle A Modern Mystery Play'. The play debuted in Battle in June and was written and directed by Saskia Wesnigk-Wood. It depicted the story of 1066 and other periods of history told through the eyes of its women. The performances were held in a small theatre in Brighton where we provided extra lighting, plus one of our Zero 88 jester desks and a technician to run the show.


MX Sound and Lighting has had a busy and varied couple of months. In November, we provided lighting and a technician for some more of Julian Lewry's shows. The first being at Haslemere Hall where we provided lighting and crew for Jo Harman and Mike Farris, a double bill of Blues vocalists. We also worked at the same venue with an Elton John tribute act. At Farncombe we provided lighting for Oye Santana, a Santana tribute band at St Johns Church in Farncombe. After hosting events at this venue for 15 years, this was the final show in this venue for Julian, who is moving all his events to Haslemere and other venues. 


October News

MX Sound and Lighting has been busy over the last month. We started the month with another show with Pink Floyd tribute, Simply Us And Them. For this show, we were at Trading Boundaries in Uckfield. We teamed up with the venue's lighting technician by integrating our lasers, LED circle and moving heads with their system to create a very unique show. 


We then were called to run tech for a comedy event at Brighton Girls School where we not only provided a technician, but we also provided our Sennheiser radio mics for their existing system. 

We were back on familiar ground where we provided a sound system for a couple of barn dances in Shoreham. We have been working with Kate's Kitchen Band for many years until the band split a year or so ago. They have now reformed and we are pleased to be working with them again. for these events, we used our W Audio system and Mackie DL32 wireless desk.

We also have been working with our friend Julian Lewry where we provided some LED par cans for his Haslemere shows. On this occasion, it was Eighties pop stars The Blow Monkeys. 

September News

MX Sound and Lighting are proud to have provided sound and lighting for The Bluebell Railway Beer Festival. The main part of the event was held in the engine shed at Sheffield Park station. A total of nine acts performed over the three days throughout the weekend, ranging from a single performer with an iPad accompaniment to an 11 piece Funk and Soul band. There was also a very eclectic selection of genres. These ranging from Jazz, Soul, Folk, Rock and Pop. We used our 2k W Audio rig and our Allen & Heath QU24. Lighting was 8 x LED par cans controlled by our Zero88 Jester 24 desk.


MX Sound and Lighting is proud to announce that we have moved from Brighton to bigger premises in Newhaven. As with so many companies in this industry, MX Sound and Lighting has been unable to work during the start of this pandemic, so we decided to use the downtime to make the move. We are still renovating the premises, but once the renovations are completed, we will be able to run the company in a much smoother operation. All the contact details, except for the premises address remain the same. 

MX Sound and Lighting has been supplying sound and lighting for our new friends Ignite Theatre for their ambitious new project 'Gabriel' by Moria Buffini at Meeching Hall in our home town Newhaven The play, set in a farmhouse in occupied Guernsey during the Second World War, is a tense drama  about a young man with no memory found unconscious and rescued by a local family. We supplied six speakers around the hall to create an immersive feel for all the sound effects that were mixed in our new studio and run through our new Mackie ProFX8 desk. Lighting wise, we supplied 4x Fresnels, 2x profiles and 7 LED par cans controlled by our Jester lighting desk. We also supplied another PA and CD player to play a selection of WWII recordings for the entrance hall and the Forties style cafe to further enhance the wartime experience.  


MX Sound and Lighting has been supplying and running equipment for two productions for Swanwing Productions. 'Battle, a Modern Mystery Play' was the new production from Swanwing productions. It opened in Battle as part of the town's bi-annual medieval festival. We supplied LED lights for the lighting as well as technical support throughout the productions run. 

We also were commissioned to run sound and lighting for Swanwing's London run of their previous work 'Love In The Time Of Lockdown' Both productions received positive feedback including a four star review for the London 'Lockdown' show.


MX Sound and Lighting teamed up with our sister company Sound On Q to supply Sound and Lighting for an ABBA tribute band at Piltdown Golf Club in Piltdown. The show was held outdoors with  the stage being the golf drive range. We supplied our 3600w DAP Audio PA along with our Sennheiser radio mics and our W Audio monitors. We also supplied our QU24 sound desk for mixing. Lighting included our JesterML desk, 8x LED par cans, 6 LED moving heads and 4x uplighter. Most of the show was held in the daylight, so the much of the lighting wasn't seen to its full potential. 


MX Sound and Lighting have been busy over the last few months. We have been working with Julian Lewry music, Simply Dan/Us and Them and other interesting events. We also have been spreading our wings a and traveled to Epsom, where we supplied extra lighting for a new arts centre called the Horton. We supplied extra Fresnels, LEDs and a technician for two productions. 

Another venture we made was to the Alexandra Centre in Faversham, Kent to supply lighting for Seriously Collins, a Phil Collins tribute act. We supplied Fresnels, LED par cans and up-lighters.


 We have finally finished building our mixing studio for our live recording service. We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us where we will be working on two plays from Swanwing Productions and the summer production from our new friends Ignite Theatre.

MX Sound and Lighting teamed up with Newhaven’s newest production company, Ignite Theatre, for their production of The Wind In The willows. It was held in Meeching Hall in Newhaven and ran for six days over two weekends. For this production, we supplied four LED uplighter bars, nine LED par cans along with four acclaim Fresnel’s and four Altman profiles. These were controlled by our Zero 88 Jester ML48. We also supplied a PA consisting of our RCF array system accompanied with two of our W Audio PSR8 for monitors. We positioned two Sennheiser shotguns at the stage to aid with the performers dialogue. We also used our AKG C214s to pick up the sound of the musician’s accordion and soundscape bowls. We used our Allen & Heath QU24 to mix. The show also used projections for scenery and a truss was provided by us to hang the projector and the LED pars. We also supplied lighting for the relaxion room next to the bar. The result was an enchanting retelling of this classic story. The show sold well despite the threat of Covid cancelling the event and it has been well received by all those who attended.


MX Sound and Lighting are proud to have provided lighting for a Pink Floyd tribute band Simply Us & Them. The sold out event was held at the Cavern Free house, Coombe Lane in London. As it was Floyd show, we used our ADJ mega pixel arch to create the iconic trademark circle. We also provided six moving heads, 2x T-bars of LED par cans and various lasers. The band are planning further shows in the coming weeks. 


We are gradually getting back to some form of normality and we have been involved with some interesting events. We started September with a weekend with Bruce Juice, a band who are a tribute to Bruce Springsteen. This was a weekend dedicated to the Boss and his music. The event was held at the East Molesey Cricket Club near Hampton Court. The first evening was an end of season celebration solely for the cricket club where the band provided the entertainment by playing 2x hour long sets of the man’s music plus a few other classic songs in the style of Bruce. The second day was an all day festival dedicated to the man and his music, where the band, plus a duo of lads performed Springsteen’s music throughout the day with the band playing an impressive five hours in four sets. MX supplied the lighting consisting of moving heads, LED parcans, generic lighting, lasers and moving LED bars, which were controlled by our Jester ML48.


We have also been working with Julian Lewry Promotions again, where we have provided extra lighting and personnel for his shows at his events in Haselmere Hall in Haselmere. The acts Steve Harley, Nine Below Zero and Eddi Reader were all excellent and we are proud to be involved with their shows. We will be working with Julian for another show in November. This time it will be seventies rockers Focus. 


MX Sound and Lighting collaborated with Swanwing productions, a new company from Brighton for a play in Seaford Little Theatre. The play "Love in the Time of Lockdown" was written and directed by Saskia Wesnigk-Wood is an eclectic look at how different lives have been affected during lockdown. The show sold out at the Edinburgh Festival and has received many positive reviews from the Seaford showings. 


December has been a very busy month for MX Sound and Lighting. At the start of the month, we provided sound and lighting for three drama schools in three different towns on the same day. Each of the school's productions varied very differently and required very different PA and a lighting systems, which we were able to provide easily. 


Our next venture was at the Old Courtroom for a performance of Dickens’s the Christmas Carol. This was unusual as it was performed as a one-man show by a great actor named John O’Connor and it was superb. We provided some Fresnels, profiles with a couple of LED uplighters, which were controlled by our 24-channel Jester. 


Then it was back to Farncombe for another of Julian Lewry’s superb events at St Johns Church. This time it was for a show called The Story Of Guitar Heroes. All four musicians produced great performances as they paid homage to many guitarists from several different eras and genres. They normally tour with a lot of their own lighting, so for this event, we were only asked to provide front of house lighting. We provided Two CCT Freedom 15-32 Zoom 600W profile spotlights, 2 Altman 3.5Q Ellipsoidal Profiles, and 2 QTX ZP18 18x8w RGBW zoom par cans. These were controlled by our 48-channel Jester.


We then provided a sound system for a Pantomime at Uckfield Civic Centre for a week on the 9th. This time it was for the Uckfield Theatre Guild and their production of Dick Whittington at the town’s Civic Centre. All the cast and crew, which included the Mayor of Uckfield as the Dame, had worked very hard to produce a really entertaining show. We used our DAP Audio PA with a combination of Sennheiser and AKG radio and our Rode and Beyerdynamic shotgun microphones for the performers. We also provided a few of our smaller speakers for a relay system backstage.

To conclude, MX Sound and Lighting had the pleasure of lighting up the band Simply Dan for a corporate function in the NED Hotel in London on Thursday. We supplied our new 200w LED Par cans and our uplighters for the backdrop controlled by our Jester ML desk. 


We also returned to St Johns Church in Farncombe for the Godalming Community Gospel Choir for the annual showcase concert. Again we used the LED Pars along with the LED cob lights for the back and 2 QTX ZP18 18x8w RGBW zoom par cans for the front.


We have recently invested in some new equipment. We now have eight 200w LED Parcans, four new moving heads, more Radial DI boxes as well as Rode and Audix microphones. This investment offers a much larger choice for our clients. For further information, then please contact us.


MX  Sound and Lighting has been  busy recently as we have supplied sound and lighting for several events over the last month. We supplied an EVOX PA system, Mackie Wi-Fi mixer and some LED pars for another charity evening at the Marwoods Bar and Coffeehouse. We have also supplied psychedelic lighting for our old friends at the Real Music Club. 

then on 15th and 16th November, MX Sound and Lighting supplied and ran lighting for two more great Julian Lewry Music events. The first event was on Friday where we supplied uplighters and LED Parcans for the Eighties band China Crisis. This was at St Johns Church in Farncombe. The sold out show was a mellow affair, so no moving heads or haze were required. This is always a great venue to light up, as the internal architecture always lights up really beautifully. 

On Saturday, we were in Haslemere Hall where we supplied moving heads and our new 200w LED PAR cans for DS-UK, a Dire Straits tribute band. They played many of the classic songs as well as some of the lesser-known album tracks. This was a new venue for us and it is a really nice intimate setting for events like this. 


On 5th October MX Sound and Lighting supplied lighting for another Julian Lewry event at St Johns Church in Farncombe. This time it was for Eighties alternative rock band The Icicle Works. We supplied uplighters, moving heads and LED parcans that created a varied mixture of colours to such a lovely building. 


On 8thSeptember, MX Sound and Lighting were one of the proud sponsors for a charity event for the national Guide Dogs for the blind charity. Our contribution was to supply sound and lighting equipment for the show. The event was held at the Round Georges Pub in Sutherland Road and consisted of an evening of folk and poetry organised by the RG’s resident folk club. The event raised a grand total of £255.89 for the charity.


This event was our first sponsorship and we suppled our RCF Evox array system with our Mackie Wi Fi controlled desk. We also supplied a pair of LED Par cans and small lighting controller. 


On 7thSeptember MX Sound and Lighting supplied a sound system for Hollingbury Park Avenue’s annual street party. This event has been held in the street for many years and despite losing its council grant and many of it’s regular performers, still continues to find ways to keep the party going. We supplied the W Audio 2.1k for front of house with the Mackie DL32R Wi-Fi digital desk. This is the sort of event that MX Sound and Lighting was created for, so if you are planning to run a community event, then please contact us for a quote. 


MX Sound and Lighting was involved with the annual Blackboys Inn Beer Festival, which was held between 30th August to 1st September. We collaborated with their regular sound provider, Dave Backley and added our QU24 sound desk and microphones to his HK rig. We also provided the LED lighting and a 24-channel Zero 88 Jester desk to control it. The event was hailed a great success and hosted many covers bands along with solo and duo performances. There were a few hectic moments, especially during the changovers as there were no backline shares, but we did manage to keep everything to schedule. 


On 16th and 17th August, MX Sound and Lighting provided sound and lighting for the National Harmonica League’s Festival at Hartpury College in Gloucester. The event bought many players and enthusiasts from all over the world and the main concert featured performers from Poland, Italy, USA, Japan and the UK. The NHL is the UK’s only national harmonica association and is a registered charity. It supports, helps and encourages all types of music to be played on the wide range of harmonicas that are available. It also has members from all over the world. 

MX provided a 2.8k PA with digital desk along with generic and LED lighting. The event was a great success and MX has received a lot of positive feedback from NHL committee members, performers and the audience. 


On 6th July, MX Sound and Lighting supplied a PA system for the Rocking Rockcliffe event at Rockcliffe Gardens in London.The event showed off some great talent. There were three young talented singers who all had amazing voices, plus two very entertaining bands who displayed very different genres of music. We used the mid sized (2.1k) rig and our Mackie DL Wi Fi desk.


MX Sound and Lighting has been involved with a TV project. We were approached by director Jack Marsden to provide and run some sound and lighting equipment for his TV programme "Late Lounge". The show features the Sumerian Kyngs, plus singer Holly Bridge and the Hastingers. We provided a selection of moving heads, LEDs, lasers and microphones for the project.

If you wish to see the the result, here is the link.


MX Sound and and Lighting has invested in some new equipment. This means that we are able to offer a wider variety of choice for our customers. We now have 4 Sennheiser EW100 radio microphone systems with hand held E845 capsules. Plus we have 4 EW100 belt packs for stage work. We also have obtained an Allen and Heath GLD AR2412 digital snake to make our QU24 desk fully digital.  


On 20th June, MX Sound and and Lighting has had the pleasure to be involved with another Simply Dan event. This time, it was at the St Mary Magdalene church in the really nice village of Cobham. We used a similar set up as the Godalming shows, which lit up the small space very effectively.


MX Sound and and Lighting has had the pleasure of being involved with another Julian Lewry event at St John's church in Farncombe near Godalming on 17th May. We supplied LEDs, moving heads and other various lighting effects for Bowiesque, a David Bowie tribute band. 


MX Sound and and Lighting has installed lighting and sound equipment for the Old Courtroom Productions Fringe events 2019. Over the month, the Old Courtroom will have LED and generic lighting to enhance the many shows that the OCR is hosting. 

For all shows and events they are holding, then go to their website on


MX Sound and and Lighting is proud to have been involved with the charity Gladrags with their fundraising Fast Forward Flashback event on 4th May 2019. We supplied an RCF PA system and as it was a 60s themed evening, some psychedelic oil lighting for the live band and the DJ.


The charity managed to raise over £5000 with their 60s themed event. For more information about this amazing organisation, check out

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